Second Birth


I found great joy,

as I waltz through the globe.

Yet a misfit I was,

as I remained covert in an unseen robe.

I found emptiness in a place filled with the lack of void, 

Yet I yearned and fancied,

by a utopia to be bewitched and employed.

I found an assemblages of personages; withering their ways,

Yet the act of ridicule destroys itself,

as it is it no longer received my praise.

I found peace in an incomprehensible wisdom,

Yet still in thrall to confusion & doubt,

of a solemn and glorious kingdom.

I found delusion paving the way to destruction,

Yet I was led to an eternal awakening,

Now sanctified, to the creator of lies have I become an obstruction.

I found many anomalies that caused harm to my worth,

Yet redeemed I was, and my heretic self erased,

As this was my second birth.

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